Since I was a child, I have started to think how to be rich.

Evaluating people around me I tried to figure out how to be rich. I started analyzing the life of people who owned nice cars, people that owned wonderful houses.

I reasoned about the best things to do. Also me, I wanted to own beautiful things.

The first point in order to change my mind was to become aware that my family was a poor family.
Not really so poor. We had enough for eating, we had enough to pay the loan of the house, the bills, the taxes and sometimes, but very few times, the bills of the restaurant.
In my village there were poorer people.
But I realised this: I couldn’t access to the best schools, I couldn’t spend my holidays where I wanted, I had not the possibility to travel in order to learn about different cultures and different languages.

If also you, you want to be rich, first of all you have to evaluate the family to which you belong. If your family is poor or it’s almost poor you can’t understand how to be rich simply taking example from your family. It seems obvious but I know due to my personal experience I can say that it is not so easy to see what is just in front of you.

The second move is to make some reflections about you.
What does it mean to me to be rich? According to the person you are, being rich can mean different things. According to the person you are, the richness you can achieve the richness in different ways.

If you love football you would like to become rich playing football. If you love playing cards you would like to discover the way how to be rich with the card games.

According to your interests and your passions you should ask yourself: how to be rich? How can I be rich? What does it mean to me being rich?

Being rich doesn’t necessary mean to be financially rich.
Having money is not the only answer to the question “how to be rich”? For someone money are the answer but for someone else they are not.

So the second step in order to be rich is to ask yourself:
How would I like to spend my time?
How many money do I need to be happy?
What means to me the question “how to be rich”?

Try to figure out the answer. You should give yourself, an honest answer. It’s useless to lie to yourself. Be sure the people around you don’t influence you. The system and the conventional point of view have not to make you in a hurry.

If you are under pressure you are not able to think properly.

That’s the reason because people became unhappy. Because people are not really free to understand what make them rich.


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When I started to trade financial instruments, the stop loss order was the most difficult order to place in my trading.
Knowing that my broker knew where I set the stop loss orders made me feel really nervous.
It was the key element for my unsuccesful trades.

Be aware that I didn’t think about the stop loss as a way for avoiding big losses but I thought to the money I would loss in the case the stop loss order was triggered.

If you are a good trader you don’t think to money.
And if you don’t think to money you will be able to think at the stop loss order as the guardian angel of your wallet. The stop loss order avoid you to lose more money that those you can afford.

You can be the best trader of the world but without the stop loss order your destiny is marked and in the long period you will lose money.
You will became poorer and poorer.

The same concept applies for each investment you do.

When you buy a house, or a warehouse. or a company you should consider how much you can risk ( your stop loss order).

If you are a good investor and you are able to set a stop loss order, your profit will arrive soon.
The stop loss order is the best way to limit the “risk”.

There are some exceptions to the risk concept like for the binary options. You know, good rules have always an exception.

You should consider the stop loss if you are interested in improving your financial conditions, and so the financial conditions of your family.

There are a lot of sharks around markets and the only possibility to survive is to fix good plans.

Be aware that if you are able to survive you will be able to reach a good quality of life for you and for your family as well.


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How To Be Rich

You can still become rich even if you don’t have any money to start with. This is because you were lucky enough to be born in the internet age!! Internet businesses have got almost zero start up costs and can sometimes bring you a lot of money. Its worth to mention that was developed by three people then sold to Google for 1.65 billion dollars.

There are four fundamental secrets on how to be rich. If you do not know these secrets or do not put them into practice, you will not get rich. Period.

The first secret is sharing. Sharing means the distribution of a product or service to the greatest number of people possible. It does not mean you give it away. In fact, the term “sharing” as we are using it here implies that you are charging a high – but fair – premium for your product or service.

The second secret is leverage. If you try to get rich by yourself you won’t suceed, the reason you won’t get rich by yourself is that there are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything that is required to get rich by yourself. In addition, you do not have all the skills, knowledge, education, experience or resources necessary to get rich. No one does. No one ever has. Where these things are lacking, you hire, team up, joint venture or partner with those who have the time, skills, experience and resources you do not.

Secret number three is clearing.Clearing means to know what you want and focus on that to the exclusion of all else.

Now we get to rule number four. Take responsibility for your actions and own them. Too many time we try something that did not work and we start to blame the system for the failure. The trick to how to be rich is to keep on trying until you get it right.

Article References : how to be rich , stop loss order , world economy , debt ceiling